Farsighted Ayurveda Guru Manish is On A Mission To Giveaway Mantras Of A Healthy & Prosperous Life

Divya Upchar: A Pathway To The Betterment Of Life

Ayurveda has a proven history of detoxification and rejuvenating the human body naturally. It is a 5000+ years old mystery science which Guru Manish decided to unfold. He believes that with a pre-planned focus on the root cause can cure any disease. This belief is backed up by the ancient scrolls of Charak Samhita and Ayurveda.

Guru manish has been travelling all across the country to understand the problems faced by his patients genuinely. The Geographic conditions are diverse in India and lifestyle is also vivid. He studies these factors carefully to provide apt health resolutions via the surreal route of Ayurveda.

Guru manish is passionate about unveiling the secrets from the lair of Ayurveda for the betterment of the people. This passion of his made him famous figure not only in the realm of Ayurveda but also in the motivational arena as well where he has proven to be one of the best speakers in spreading the message of healthy living by following healthy habits.

With over two decades of practice in the Ayurvedic health industry, he offers a service with an in-depth knowledge of the Ayurvedic System of Medical Science, facilitating a balanced and healthy life for his clients.

Unique Approach Towards Health & Life

Personal & Professional Development
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How Guru Manish Heals & Transforms You?

Realize the Real You

Guru Manish, not just an Ayurvedic Acharya alone but also a guide that helps people reach their goals in life with honesty and authority. People from different walks of life have often expressed their gratitude for Guru Manish Ji for empowering their life with better health and happier life.

His consistent encouragement and support has helped numerous jaded and demotivated individuals heal, transform, and grow to make their life really beautiful.

Drawing from his own life experience, inner work and transformation - Guru Manish has relentlessly, seamlessly, and intuitively worked on whittling the best holistic Ayurveda treatments for various diseases. His practical methodologies that resonate with your life's essence, well being, and good health - facilitate your accelerated personal growth.

He creates a warm and inviting environment where patients feel safe to share their innermost feelings and emotions. Guru Manish is a compassionate and committed Acharya who is passionate to heal and transform. And to help the REAL YOU come to the fore!

Guru Manish has been awarded many times for his contibutions in ayurveda & healthcare industry.

Renowned Ayurvedacharya
Ankur Mehta

I was suffering from hashimoto thyroiditis which increased my weight too much. With increased weight, I continuously faced problems like fatigue, joint/muscle pain, and constipation. I was depressed with my situation until now. I started getting treatment from Guru Manish and within a month I saw positive signs that effectively decreased all the side effects of thyroiditis.

Ankur Mehta

Pardeep Goyal

बढ़ते वजन के कारण मेरे शरीर मे कई अन्य रोग जैसे: घुटने का दर्द, स्लीप डिस्क, बी.पी., कब्ज, हार्निया आदि मेरी मुसिबत बन चुकी है कई वज़न घटाने के प्रोग्राम से जुडने के बाद भी मुझे कामयाबी नही मिली तब मेरे मित्र ने मुझे दिव्य उपचार के बारे बताया और मैने यहाँ से ईलाज करवाया मुझे चत्मकारी लाभ मिले और मेरी बाकी बिमारीयों मे भी फायदा पहुंचा है ।

Pardeep Goyal

38 y.o.

वजन बढ़ने के कारण मुझे कमर दर्द व घुटने का दर्द शुरू हो गया था दर्द इतना बढ़ गया था कि उठना-बैठना व चलना-फिरना मुश्किल हो गया था फिर मैने टी.वी. पर दिव्य उपचार का कार्यक्रम देखा और मैनें फोन करके जीरकपुर क्लीनिक का पता लिया वहां जाकर 4 महीने दवाई खाने से मेरा दर्दो के साथ वजन भी कम हुआ।


65 y.o.
Kiran Soni

सोरायसिस की समस्या इतनी अधिक हो गई थी कि यह मेरे कोहनी, हाथ, सिर और पैरो मे फैल चुकी थी और इसका मैने बहुत जगह पर ईलाज करवाया लेकिन कोई लाभ नही हुआ फिर मुझे दिव्य किट के बारें में पता चला और 3 महीने के सेवन के बाद अब मेरी समस्या मे काफी आराम है।

Kiran Soni

40 y.o.

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