During his college days, Acharya Ji studied food and nutrition in depth. Acharya Ji was impressed by many health benefits of Ayurvedic diet. Ayurveda is a 5000 years old system which has a  holistic approach to life.

In his childhood, when Acharya Manish Ji fell ill and the medication was futile to revive his health; Acharya Ji’s uncle advised him to go on an Ayurvedic diet. By regularly consuming Ayurvedic diet and practicing yoga, Acharya Ji’s faith deepened in Ayurveda, and he was sure that he wanted to make Ayurveda his mission for life.

How A Healthy Diet Makes You Healthy?

Nowadays, people feel sluggish and are unable to function to their full potential. We all have a sedentary lifestyle, and low physical activity makes it difficult to lead a disease-free lifestyle. These days people are prone to diseases because of poor diet and lack of exercise. Our body is unable to digest what we eat, which increases “aam” in our body; aam is a sticky substance which covers the organs. Aam is the culprit behind all our diseases. We can rid of aam by following an ayurvedic diet.

When we follow an Ayurvedic diet, the digestion power of our body increases, we feel light and active. Ayurvedic diet is recommended to improve gut health. People also see positive results in terms of weight management by following an Ayurvedic diet. Not only that, Ayurvedic diet also helps in improving conditions like anxiety and uneasiness.

Avoid Mixing These Foods

Healthy Diet

Acharya Ji recommends not to mix certain food items, as they can have an adverse effect on our body. Fruits are healthy, but don’t consume fruits when you are full. It is best to have fruits two hours before or two hours after your meal. Ayurveda is against mixing fruits with milk products. If you are a fan of mango shakes or banana shakes- beware, as they can wreak havoc on your digestion and can cause allergies and sinus problems.

Milk and melon don’t go hand in hand. You should never mix fruits and milk, but you should particularly never mix milk and melons as they are incredibly different in their properties.

Another thing that we often see together is fruit and cheese; it’s a strict no-no to mix fruit and cheese.

Most of the time, we happily eat a scoop of ice cream after a meal. But, Ayurveda is against eating anything cold after a meal, as it cools down the “Agni” or digestive fire, which is needed to digest the food.

Raw honey is beneficial for your health & life. But if you cook it or mix it with hot tea, it has the exact opposite effect.

Ayurveda is strictly against processed and stale food. One should always consume fresh and warm food to maintain optimum health.


Food is fuel for the body. We should watch what we are putting in our body. A healthy and fresh diet makes us active and increases our immunity. To live a healthy life; it is vital to consume a healthy diet.

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