Are you at peace with yourself?

Do you see yourself angry, irritated, and frustrated most of the time?

Is work and family stress taking a toll on your inner peace?

If you are struggling to find inner peace, then meditation is the answer for you. What exactly is meditation, you might ask? Is sitting in a proper posture and closing your eyes for a few minutes is what meditation is all about? Certainly not! Meditation is an exercise of calming the mind and connecting with the present. It is about forgetting all the problems, even it is for a few minutes and expressing gratitude for all that we have in our lives.


When you start to meditate, you won’t feel inner peace right away; meditation is a constant practice, and in a few days of practicing, you will realize the many benefits of meditation.

The problem that we all face while meditating is that our mind starts to wander. The moment we close our eyes, all the thoughts come running; we start having an argument with someone in our mind, we start daydreaming about our crush, and so on. As soon as we close our eyes to meditate, our mind starts acting like a kid in the candy shop; it’s all over the place.

When we sit down to meditate the goal is to follow our breathing pattern and experience a sense of calmness. Whenever you drift into thoughts, gently remind your mind to come back.

We are providing you with proven ways that help to strengthen your meditation practice

Find Time

We all like to believe that we are super busy and have no time for trivial tasks like meditation. But our mental health is important, and we should make it a priority to take care of our mental well-being to lead a life full of joy and peace. There is an old saying about meditation that if you are too busy to meditate for 10 minutes, you should meditate for 20. If we think we are too busy, it means we are cluttering our mental space. Meditation helps to declutter our mind and makes our thinking positive.

Have a Clear Intention

Often times, when we step foot in the world of meditation, we have a strong reason behind it. It is a good idea to understand the problem which we want to eliminate. Are you stressed out from the hectic work schedule? Are you going through a difficult period in your life? Are you having problems in your relationships? It is essential to know why you want to meditate, which will help you to eradicate the negativity related to that particular reason.

You Won’t Regret It

You won’t regret meditating. After the end of your meditation session, you will feel light. By meditating, a person develops a sense of gratitude. Have faith in your experience; by regularly practicing meditation, you will realize that you have become compassionate and kinder.


Meditation has become essential in today’s stressful life. Acharya Manish Ji believes that a few minutes of meditation will help you to create a positive mindset.


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