A strong immune system is the ‘anti-virus’ protection against any sickness.  ‘Vyadhikshamatva’, the Sanskrit word for immunity, suggests forgiveness of sickness. As per Ayurveda, good health is not associated with just not being ill. A state of witnessing good health is wellness. Besides maintaining the doshas pitta, kaphaa and pitta, along with making sure of our digestive diet, we should begin to practice some very great strategies that will assist enhance immunity.

Maintain the immune system in poise manner by in taking the accurate diet. A feeble immune system causes all sorts of illnesses. Additionally, an immune reaction becomes misdirected or overactive, aiming the body’s own tissues for foreign outsiders. Not just this, our diets act as a significant role in maintaining this ‘aggressive response’ within the body. In taking extremely pigmented fruits, leafy greens and whole grains you can serve the body closely what it requires to stay resilient.

Let’s unravel at some of the best immunity improving foods:-


As per Ayurveda, ginger it assists in reducing the kapha doshas and aggravated Vata. It assists in responding to infections and fuel immunity stages. It can be practiced for hot fomentation in gout, edema, arthritis, and other sorts of muscle pain and joint. A confluence of dry ginger mixed with sesame oil and rubbed on the joint offers great respite. Additionally, the herb of ginger assists searches relief in nearly all sorts of respiratory disorders such as cold, cough, pneumonia, bronchitis and asthma. Furthermore, it can be eaten in any form let it be dried, fresh, juiced or powdered.

Sweet Potato

Considered one of the oldest vegetables known to individuals, sweet potatoes have deemed a gem amidst immunity enhancing foods. Similar to carrots, sweet potatoes are the great origin of beta-carotene that morphs to vitamin A, which eradicates the destructive free extremists. Vitamin A is a very significant constituent for healthy skin which is the initial step of defense against several diseases. Therefore, assists boost the immune system and may even enhance the aging procedure. They are encumbered with potassium, calcium, carbohydrates and vitamin C is also a great root of fiber.


Also called holy basil, Tulsi comprises precise anti-infective and anti-asthmatic features. Ayurveda endorses holy basil to empower respiratory struggle. In order to search respite, in taking fresh tulsi juice made by thrashing leaves of the herb, two times a day. Add a few drops of ginger and some honey to this to enhance its productivity to create resistance.


It is deemed to be a superfood when it comes to enhancing immunity in the body. Broccoli is a very good root of antioxidants which end free radicals in any individual. It is a complete pack of nutrients that safeguard the body from loss. Comprised of the antioxidant glutathione and vitamins C and A. The gut acts as a very significant role in the healthy operation of your resistant system. Also, the glutathione in broccoli assist destroy free radicals in the gut along with that decreases inflammation by recycling distinct antioxidants. A great method to intake broccoli is by scorching it after washing it carefully. Broccoli should be eaten raw in wraps and salads. If you are deeming shopping for immunity increasing foods, then broccoli should be on top priority.

Ayurveda imparts us that strong immunity and ojas are the natural results of good health, which relies on a healthy diet, a supportive lifestyle, agni, and a steady nervous system. Ayurveda is all concerned with you articulating about your vulnerabilities, strengths and your personal path headed for healing.

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