The Zidd

If you don’t have the Zidd you can’t achieve better health, better life, and the better you! Guru Manish Ji heals you to help your life become meaningful and insightful. But he wants you to have the zidd?

  • Zidd means commitment

    Guru Manish often asks how committed you are for whatever goal you have? How important is it for you? Are you ready to sacrifice to achieve your goal? If you are committed, he can heal and transform you.

  • Results will follow!

    If you focus on understanding, experimenting, improving the things for the goal you have – and if you enjoy the whole process – results will follow. If the focus on just-results, and don’t enjoy the journey – your commitment will on the wane sooner.

  • Get your thoughts right

    Your mind and your thoughts influence how and how long you work for a specific goal. What you want to think is your choice. You want your thoughts to breed fear, negativity, failure, doubts? Or positivity and excitement? You decide. And the results will already be decided.

  • Don’t sympathize with yourself!

    Often we fail to achieve what we want to – because we give us an excuse for every miss and every lost opportunity. Excuses like: “I was unlucky” “I didn’t have much time” “I’m tired”… and so on! Stop doing it! Be tough with yourself. Have some zidd! Your body reacts to how you think. If you have to get up at 5am in the morning – don’t sympathize with yourself just because you slept late last night. Just get up! Keep yourself motivated. Motivation leads to action. And action fetches you the desired results.

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