After seeing people getting unwell owing to a sedentary lifestyle, Acharya Manish Ji was captivated to develop herbal medicines for various disorders. The main objective behind making herbal medicines was to finish the root cause of diseases. Moreover, the herbal medicines do not have any side effects which make it the most preferred medicinal system in India.

Ayurvedic medicines are an essential component of the health care system in India, and many other countries have started opting it after seeing its enormous benefits. Acharya Ji studied Ayurveda comprehensively to have indigenous knowledge about every herb and its properties. There are several herbal medicines which haven’t been investigated, but Acharya Ji studied them and has used a few of them in his Divya Kit medicines.

The objective of Acharya Manish Ji

Recommending Specialized Herbal Medicines

The main aim of making medicines is to make people healthy. Herbs are the traditional healers who treat and manage human diseases and ailments without any side effects. There are about 52 species of plants belonging to 28 plant families which are reportedly used in making Divya Upchar Sansthan’s medicines. Ingredients have been combined for treating and management of severe diseases and ailments. All the medicinal plants are harvested in the form of wild and degraded lowland areas in the morning from loamy soil to ensure everything consumed is healthy. Herbal medicines are prepared in various forms like decoctions and infusions.

In the present era, herbal medicines are the most preferred form of treatment and management for both common and specialized human diseases. Consequently, Ayurveda is used to make people suffering from prolonged issues healthy. All the harvesting of plants for treatments is done organically.

Moreover, some people are entirely dependent on traditional medicines for their primary health care needs. It is the best conventional medicinal system, particularly herbal medicines, has become an essential component of the health care system of the people. Still, some indigenous cultures and communities possess a great store of traditional knowledge about herbal medicines for the treatment of deadly human ailments, and Acharya Ji is trying to discover them for helping humanity.

The use of herbal medicine is widespread and highly diverse due to the significant impact of traditional medicine on the local economy. Divya kit has innovatively utilized the medicinal plants and herbs in the herbal medication for making people healthy.

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