Tulsi is often offered as “Prasadam” in Hindu temples. Have you ever noticed why only Ram Tulsi or Kali Tulsi are considered to be sacred and not any other plant is given high end importance? There are numerous benefits of Tulsi; be it medicinal value, cultural aspect and even great as per the vaastu point of view. To highlight your attention, few of benefits are as follows:-

Cultural Significance:-

  • As Tulsi plant represents longevity; a Hindu home could be considered as an unfinished without its existence.  Daily praying the plant brings in peace and prosperity.
  • According to the shastras, the plant of Tulsi makes it easier to come closer to divine. This plant is the dearest to Lord Vishnu.

Medical Properties:-

  • Even if a person is facing problems related to bronchitis, cold, fever or cough, the tulsi will provide instant relief.
  • In the body systems, digestion is most important process. The consumption of tulsi in any form enhances proper metabolism.
  • The anti-bacterial properties are immensely good to cure the problems of Dengue.
  • It controls the levels of uric acid in the body thus it also aid to people who have problems of kidney and want to avoid reoccurrence in future.
  • This is one of the great ways for oral healthy as it keeps the gums healthy.
  • Even the antioxidant properties of Tulsi are good stress busters and keeping healthy heart.

Vaastu prominence

  • A potted Tulsi is always worshipped to move out all negative influences and Doshas.
  • The placing should be done in North east direction to eliminate all the doshas and create in a positive vibe.
  • The Tulsi should always be planted outside the home because the mythological story says that Lord Vishnu always stated that you will be my “Sakhi”.

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