India is a country which houses millionaires, but there are spiritually wealthy people too. Acharya Manish Ji is spreading awareness about yoga practices, and effectiveness of herbal medicines. His yoga camps are the best way to contribute to an individual’s healthy life by incorporating Yoga and meditation in daily life.

Yoga, meditation, and Pranayama taught in the Divya Upchar Sansthan yoga camps which are developed from the ancient Indian system of Yoga. Before these techniques were considered to be complex and represented as being unsuitable for common people. Thus it was limited to advanced practitioners of Yoga and should be undertaken only under the strict supervision of an experienced yoga teacher. Acharya Manish Ji diligently worked to break these barriers and help in making the practice of Yoga and meditation available to the ordinary layperson. He has devised a set of asanas and prayanams to be in good health.

The Rising Popularity of Ayurveda

Nowadays, Ayurveda is widely practiced on the Indian subcontinent after seeing its vast healing properties. Even western culture has started adopting ayurvedic practices after seeing its immense benefits. According to various study, about 90 percent of Indians are using some form of Ayurvedic medicine or household remedies to stay away from various health issues.

The most common ayurvedic practice is having tulsi for fever and indigestion. Using turmeric, honey, and ginger for curing a cold and cough is the commonly used ayurvedic remedy. In India, ayurvedic is the most preferred medicinal system after seeing its vast healing properties. Moreover, people have stopped having allopathic medicines after seeing its side effects, and Ayurveda is amongst the first solution for treating serious diseases.

Basic Principles of Ayurveda

Ayurveda is the healing practice that focuses on bringing health and vibrancy to each aspect of life. It emphasizes on improving health with simple ayurvedic practices, which is a guide for the entire cleansing process and balancing the energy.

Ayurveda is entirely based on bringing everything in proper composition in the body. Ayurvedic health care is a highly individualized practice in the modern era owing to various people suffering from ailments. Basis of all the treatments is the years old ayurvedic principles which have a specific constitution or prakruti to determine the physical, physiologic, and mental character of the ailment and disease. The Ayurveda practitioners determine the vulnerability of the disorder by seeing its symptoms.

The Prakruti is determined by looking at three “bodily energies” widely known as doshas. These three doshas are predominant in our body and determine our health. Working on these doshas makes one healthy. Acharya Manish Ji‘s herbal medicines work on these doshas to balance the energies of the body. Regular exercise, Yoga, and a balanced diet make one healthy, and this is the practice Acharya Ji makes people follow to be in good health.

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